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BOPET is used in food, medicine and others packaging materials Film type: Plain packaging film, metalizing film, transfer/hot stamping film, guarding card film,electrical film, etc.
EVA solar photovoltaic battery encapsulation film
The company imported eight EVA production lines from Italy, as well as a complete set of European EVA process technology. The annual output is 120 million square meters.
Zhejiang Great Southeast Lithium-ion battery membrane institute
Zhejiang Great Southeast Lithium-ion battery membrane institute is an independent legal entities institute which is depended on Zhejiang Great Southeast Corp. Ltd was formally established in December 2012 approved by department of Innovation&Technology and department Civil Affairs of Zhejiang Province.
Lithium-ion battery membrane
Lithium-ion battery membrane is one of the three important components of lithium battery. Our annual output of dry process Biaxially Oriented Lithium-ion battery membrane is 40 million square meters.
BOPP capacitor film
The film has the character of low dissipation factor,high dielectric strength, good compatibility with various impregnation dielectric oils.The capacitor made by this kind of film is applied to HV, EHV and UHV power transmission application field. Thickness: 8-16μm
CPP film(Casting polypropylene film)
The company imported four international advanced co-extrusion polypropylene film production lines from Reifenhause and Brueckner company Germany with an annual output of 48000tons .
Zhejiang Lvhai New Energy Resource Science&Technology Co.,Ltd
Zhejiang Lvhai New Energy Resource Science&Technology Co.,tld was established with the registered capital of 100 million RMB, and the total investment of the whole project 795million RMB.
Shanghai UT Game Technology Co.,Ltd
Shanghai UT game technology Co.,ltd was established in June 2011. The main business scope are network game development, network information, computers, communication equipment, technical consulting, technology transfer, e-commerce,etc.
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